Ellen Guyer


A native New Yorker, I was born in Brooklyn and after my first few years moved to Long Island, where I grew up, then left to go to college in Ohio where I was an art major. After moving around the United States I settled in Kentucky 30 plus years ago and completed my education at the University of Kentucky obtaining an MFA in painting and certification to teach art K through 12.

Over the years I have taught art on every level; pre-K through college. At one point I took several years off from teaching to design and sell leather jewelry. I exhibited at several juried shows and also sold my jewelry to galleries, boutiques and gift shops in museums including the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles. After several years I realized that I needed a “real” job to support myself and my young son so I returned to teaching for about 10 years. Currently, I’m fortunate to be able to work as a full time artist.


When I was a full time teacher I had very little time or energy to work on my own art. Near the end of my teaching career I began working along with my students which turned out to be an excellent teaching tool both for students and teacher. I worked with materials that I had not used very much in the past. It was during this period of time that I discovered colored pencils; specifically prismacolor pencils. My art became more realistic and I became fascinated with detail and patterns. Several years later I began working with gouache, still using colored pencils to enhance the color. A few years ago I decided to work with acrylics that I had not used in many years. I find that my art is becoming more abstract though I still work with recognizable images. The primary inspiration for my work is what I see in the natural world though I use a vibrant combination of color and shapes rather than creating work that is a strict representation of nature.

Check out my facebook page. You will find some short stories about some of my art work.